What is a Rasaboxes actor? A musician of emotions, in which India meets Western actor training


NEW YORK CITY In between scenes while performing Laertes in the Gallery Players’s production of Hamlet in Brooklyn, the young classical actor Dan Lawrence juices up his body to achieve what he calls “a rasic performance.”

“Laertes appears early on in Shakespeare’s play and then he disappears, but when he re-enters the play, basically he is already in a high emotional state,” the 26-year-old Lawrence recalls in an interview near Times Square‘s Broadway district. “Laertes bursts into the kingdom, and he’s ready to kill. He suspects the king for Ophelia’s murder. Everything that happens, after he reappears, happens very quickly — it’s all discoveries, one thing after another. The part requires many different emotional qualities and aspects of awareness, so I definitely used rasabox training for that. While I’m off-stage for an hour, I can go through my script as much as I want, but the…

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